What Makes Gaadizo Different?

 What Makes Gaadizo Different?


Have you been spending a lot on your car lately?
Does your bank account plead you to find better solutions?
Are you always worried about car repair bills? Or you feel your car service center is cheating you.

We at Gaadizo have the solution for all your problems related to your car service & repairs.
Gaadizo is a one point solution for all your car related worries. Be it just a car wash or heavy engine repairs. Gaadizo offers all & that too right on your fingertips. With Gaadizo you will always be assured about your car’s condition.

Why Gaadizo?

The most obvious question that might be coming to your mind right now would be WHY GAADIZO?
What makes Gaadizo different from others?
Why should I take my car to a Gaadizo service center?

WORRY NOT! We have answers to all your doubts.

How do we ensure quality service?
With a widespread network of premium multi branded car service station all over Delhi NCR, Gaadizo ensures that you always get premium quality service or repairs for your car. Our partnered workshops operates on the basis of quality standards maintained by Gaadizo to give you premium service quality, genuine spare parts & best service price.

What if there is an issue after service or repair of my car?
Unlike others Gaadizo does not work on a lead generation model, we control everything from booking of appointment to availability of spare parts or quality checks at the service center. Gaadizo also provides 15 days after service support, so whenever you feel there is any issue after service or repair of your car. You can connect with us & Gaadizo will provide a resolution without any extra cost.

How can be the cost so low as compared to others?
Gaadizo works on the centralised inventory based model which makes the purchase of spare parts & consumables much cheaper as compared to others. As there is no cost of workshop setup, which helps us in saving on labour charges & other extra manpower charges. These savings are passed on to our customers by having low prices for service & repairs.

We hope we have cleared all your doubts, so now is the time to change your car service center, Call us @ 8388885555 or visit our website @ www.gaadizo.com to experience a new era of car service & repairs


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