Remember the old days when every car had three pedal & learning how to use the clutch & change gears was a rite of passage.
With modern times things have changed, now there are an unprecedented numbers of transmission systems, each having its own pros & cons. 
Today we will crack open the curious case of transmission system & figure out what makes each transmission system unique. 
Let’s start with the simplest & oldest type of transmission i.e.

Manual Transmissions

Manual type transmission uses a friction clutch controlled by the driver’s foot to connect the rotational energy of engine to the input shaft of the transmission system. To change gears in manual transmission system a clutch disc sandwiched between the transmission & engine need to be released using the pedal. In recent years manual transmission has been mostly over taken by automatic & CVT transmissions. However it still gives better performance in terms of mileage as compared to other types.

Automatic Transmissions

 First introduced in the year 1940 by American automobile brand Oldsmobile, Automatic transmissions are becoming the most common transmission being used today, . This type of transmission uses torque converter, planetary gear set and clutches or bands to shift through a vehicle’s forward gears automatically. While the gear shifts are controlled by the car’s computer, all the driver has to do is select from choices marked on gear stick.

An advantage of automatic transmission is a simple & easy driving experience. But then one has to compensate in terms of lower fuel economy & performance. Automatic transmissions are more prone to failures & are expensive to fix as compared to manual transmission.

Continuously variable transmission (CVT)

CVT is somehow similar to automatic transmission in terms of driving experience but works using a completely different mechanism.Instead of gears, CVT uses a system of belts, pulleys & sensors to maintain a steady acceleration. In CVT the car’s computer system decides how to deliver optimal power for a particular driving situation. This gives CVT its main advantage i.e. better fuel economy.

Since there are no gearshifts in CVT, it also becomes its biggest drawback as it may leave a true driving enthusiast feeling like operating an appliance instead of car.

CVT Transmission

Semi-automatic and dual-clutch transmissions

Semi-automatic transmissions are like a hybrid version of manual & fully automatic transmission. In Semi-automatic transmissions a system of pneumatics & actuators is used to change gears. While in dual clutch transmission, as the name suggests there are two separate clutches for both even & odd gears, which makes gear shifting incredibly smooth & fast.The gearbox in dual clutch transmission can be operated in both fully automatic or manually shift via paddles on the steering wheel.

Semi-automatic & dual clutch transmission offers high end performance with fast gear changes as compared to other types of transmission. Due to their high end technology these type of transmission are very expensive & mainly found in sports car.

Dual Clutch Paddle Shifter

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