Have you given your car for servicing? Are you worried about what is going on as you are sipping your cup of coffee in your office? Is the guy servicing your car not picking up your calls? Does all of this worry you? OF COURSE IT SHOULD!  Why would it not worry you? It’s your car out there, the one that you invested a lot in, right? But we do know how difficult it is to catch hold of the local garage guy once we have given him the keys to our precious automobile, don’t we?

But what if I told you it is an easy task? I’m sure the gamblers who love their cars would bet me a fortune for this. But yes, this is for real.

If you haven’t heard of it, let me enlighten you. Did you know that there’s someone who will take care of your car as nicely as you do; someone who will make sure that your car gets the right amount of care and attention. Someone who will not avoid making contact with you while your car is undergoing the maintenance procedure. And someone who practices transparency in everything he offers. Don’t believe it? I know it’s too good to be true!

Say hello to Gaadizo, a platform that strives to bring high quality automobile services to you, on your doorstep. With a commitment to take charge of everything from washing your car to wheel care, and servicing it well to wrapping it and making it a beauty worth showing off, Gaadizo is there for all your car-related needs. Moreover, they make sure that you don’t have to drive to the service station ever again!

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