Things to keep in mind during your car service.

Getting your car service at regular intervals is a must to keep your car up & running . It increases the life of your car.

However there are few points which sholud be always kept in mind while getting your car serviced . Below are some checkpoints which you should always check during the service .

After 10,000 kms

  • Change engine oil & oil filter.
    • Check and top-up all fluids (coolant, power steering, brake, transmission etc.).
    • Clean air filter
    • Wheel rotation, balancing & alignment .
    • Check and adjust all belts. Replace if any are cracked / worn out.
    • Check all hose pipes. Replace if any are cracked / worn out.
    • Check wiper blades & adjust washer nozzles.
    • Check all lights.
    • Check / service battery.
    • Complete cleaning and waxing of the car.
    • Apply paint to the small nicks & dents. Get body work done where necessary. Get rid of any rust spots while they’re still small.

Every 20,000 kms

After every 20,000 Kms check following point & include above points .

  • Radiator flush & engine coolant change.
    • Replace wiper blades.
    • Replace fuel filter.
    • Check and clean brakes.
    • Check brake hoses and lines.
    • Check spark plugs.
    • Check engine idle settings.
    • Check clutch release arm travel.
    • Check suspension
    • Check steering gearbox & boots.
    • Check driveshaft boots.

Every 60,000 kms

• Change timing belt & balancer. Water pump replacement recommended.
• Revamp suspension.
• Change all drive belts.
• Change all hose pipes.
• Check status of clutch plate and related parts.
• Check condition of engine mounts. May need replacement in some cars.


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