Here’s What You Need to Know about Getting Your Car Serviced !!!!

We buy our cars with a lot of love. There’re months of research work involved, accompanied by the endless online stalking and frequent visits to the showrooms. After all, a car becomes our second home and everybody wants their homes to be the best! And once our beloved machine is home, it’s time to start enjoying what it brings to our lives and put the much-needed time and efforts in its maintenance.

And this is where the challenge steps in.

We know that our cars come with a sound option of going to the manufacturing company whenever an issue is encountered, but we also how badly it messes up with our finances in the long term (unless one has inherited a family business, of course).  On the other hand, the ifs and buts by the company pull us back. They take care of some specific issues, and make it clear to the customer about the ones that they absolutely won’t cover – which drives him/her to get the work done from outsiders. Yes, the ones we see in the local markets, repairing all kinds of automobiles, every day. These small scale garages are not just pocket friendly, but also do an exceptional job when it comes to servicing many  times. But because they are not certified, everyone goes through that phase where they get major insecurity pangs while they hand over their car keys to these street smart mechanics. And why not? It’s your khoon paseene se kamaai Hui gaadi! Moreover, this kind of insecurity isn’t unjustified. Each one of us has been through multiple instances where either the servicing was dissatisfying, or the services charged weren’t done. Sometimes, the car even came back with a new scratch! (Every car lover knows how bad this feels). And hence, the option of going to the local car servicing centers strikes itself off the list.

So, what are we supposed to do?

It’s easy! For everything from car wash to wheel care, and servicing to wrapping, Gaadizo is there for all your car-related concerns! What’s more, you don’t have to drive to the service station ever again, you’re just a click away from getting your car the best service of its life!

Founded in Year 2015, by Vikas Mitra, Gaadizo was designed as a platform where one would find transparent & up front costing with convenience of booking an appointment, warranty, use of genuine parts & quality service based on set standards of automotive industry.

So far Gaadizo is active in Gurgaon, Delhi and Faridabad, at present Gaadizo have 150 service stations on its platform including multibrand station such as Bosch Service station, Express car Wash & Carnation Auto.

Currently, the users can call on Gaadizo’s Helpline no. 83-8888-5555 or use the website and Gaadizo Android-app for making an appointment

How Gaadizo Works 

A car owner can make an appointment for a car service or repair by simply using gaadizo website, android app or by just giving a missed call at gaadizo helpline no. (83-8888-5555) & giving in the details about the car and the type of service they want. Based on estimated prices & reviews, owner can decide whether to make the appointment or not. After the Gaadizo’s service provider accepts the appointment, the car owner is notified with an SMS, which includes details like his vehicle service type, Date & time of appointment, address of the service station.

Future Plans

Gaadizo service in Delhi plans to make their operations more optimized & focused on increasing customer base in Delhi NCR region i.e. Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad before expanding furthe


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