Here I am not going into technical detail , An Overview is sufficient to save a good amount of money on your service.

  1.  Engine Oil cost around 30% to 50% of the Service cost.
  2. Three types of Engine Oil are mostly used (Normal , Semi Synthetic and Fully Synthetic)

When we try to get into the details of which Engine Oil we have to use during the service is the most confusing decision , You may have heard from Service adviser that if you can go for fully synthetic oil it will give the best performance , No doubt !! it will  !! but at the same time the cost of Oil shoots upto 3 times as well .

Most importantly , The point to be noted is that Fully Synthetic Oil has very special additives , the oil is very helpful in terms winter conditions (upto -40 degree Celsius) along with that viscosity is very less as compare to Normal Oil.

Now you need to understand the environment condition around you , As we live in India and this kind of intense weather is not prominent till the time you are in LEH- LADAKH.

So , by adopting Normal Engine Oil is sufficient in almost 80% of the cars , excluding Luxury segment cars which should be run with Synthetic Oil Only.

Normal Oil Grade : 15W40 , 10W30

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