5 Blunders People Make While Giving Their Car For Servicing

Unless you’re maintaining your car so well that it doesn’t need to be sent to a service station, you have concerns regarding it. Whenever we encounter an issue, most of us just drop our cars at the first available mechanic and pray for the best. But there has to be a better way out! Either one can get their hands dirty and learn how to work on their machine, or second, leave it to trustworthy hands.

But we do take time to learn all this, and make mistakes along the way. So here’s a list of mistakes that we all consciously or unconsciously make, and should avoid completely:


  1. Not knowing what the exact problem is

Sounds obvious, but we usually head to a service station without a clear problem. Some problems can be dealt easily at home, and others related to something like mechanical functioning need to be diagnosed by a mechanic.

  1. Always looking for a quick fix

We all are rightfully guilty of this practice. We always want a quick fix, no matter how serious the situation is. The result- we end up harming our car more than anything else, leaving lesser chances of it getting back to its initial best state.

  1. Not taking care of your car on a regular basis

Failing to regularly service oil changes, tyre rotation and inflation, filter replacement may likely end up with heavy repair and replacements costs in the long run. And oner may actually save money by getting their car services regularly as they can avoid many more repair and restore costs by such a practice.

  1. Messing with oil quality

The car manufacturer wasn’t playing with facts when he/she suggested the grade (expressed in 5W-20 or 10W-40) and type of oil (conventional, synthetic blend or full synthetic) that you should use for the best performance. But you had to save money. And mess with your car. And sulk later.

  1. Not sticking to one service station

It’s like having a  family doctor. If you don’t have a decided place for your car servicing, you are actually going very wrong somewhere. Many of us don’t looking for a better bargain, but for someone who we can trust with our car, and it is very important that you find that someone.

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