5 Awkward Things We Do To Our Cars

We all have our cars and we love them. But not to mention, we are lazy and way too much into our comfort zones to always be aware of what’s happening around. Did you too secretly agree to this? Now that we are in the same boat already, let us talk about those things that we consciously or unconsciously do to our cars that decrease its performance in the long run.

So here it goes.

  1. You eat & drink irresponsibly in your car 

You don’t care whether it’s the seat or the dashboard, you just care about your samosa and its chutney. YOLO, huh? You better know that this might bring your car to its RIP earlier than expected.

  1. You wait for the fuel to run out.

“Thoda aur chaljaaegi”,  “Bas itna sa rasta hai, kheechlegi”.

I mean kheechlegi, really? Why don’t you go and buy a reydii instead?

  1. You get non-genuine parts for your car

If you’re a college student who cannot pay for his car’s fuel and genuine spare parts, why even ask dad to buy it for you? Did you know, genuine things don’t have a long life if their fundamental functioning parts and not genuine. Oh wait, you know it! But you’re ignorant, and for you, ignorance is and will be bliss!


  1. You don’t look after it!

Wait. Did you just complain about your car not giving the same mileage as before? Oh, it asks for servicing more often? It is because you haven’t paid attention to it when you should have. And how do you expect it to function well when you don’t look after it?

  1. You don’t take it for servicing before a trip to a different city 

You think your car doesn’t need to get ready for the trip? It does, just like you do! It too needs its essentials in place and all things sorted before you guys start moving!

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