4 Signs that Your Car needs Wheel Alignment

 4 Signs that Your Car needs Wheel Alignment

Proper maintenance of a car includes many things, from getting your car periodically serviced to ensure your tires and wheel are in good shape.

There are few signs which if noticed at right time may indicate your car needs wheel alignment and balancing. If your car shows any of the following, it may be time get its wheels aligned.

  • Drifting To The Left Or Right

A car that has a tendency to drift to the left or right while driving requires wheel alignment at most likely. When the wheels point in a   different direction it increases the tire wear and tear which can become worse over time without proper alignment.

  • Abnormal Wear On Tires

Check the tire tread on your car to identify uneven wear. A tire that shows more wear than the others usually calls for tire alignment. This is important for improving the operation of your vehicle, as well as preserving the state of your tires.

  • Tire Squealing

That loud squealing sound coming from your tires isn’t just annoying; it’s also a sign the car is overdue for maintenance. The noise is usually due to unbalanced wheels grinding against the pavement as you drive your vehicle.

  • Crooked Steering Wheel: 

Does your car’s steering wheel appear crooked when driving in a straight line? A shaking or vibrating steering wheel is another sign, and this can actually cause damage to your steering column if left unchecked.

Most of your car’s performance is dependent on its wheels, like ours depends on our feet! And so, keeping them in good shape is a necessity. But if you think that you don’t find time for it, you should definitely find someone else who does, because your safety depends on the health of your car’s wheels. Looking for someone trustworthy? Don’t forget to check out  Gaadizo! 


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